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Conservative White House
"Reporter" was a GOP Plant,
Bush/Gannon Affair Denied

Breaking News - Secret Service Records Suggest Gannon
May Have Been Tricking at the White House

By Michael Castellano

When cyberspace bloggers broke the Gannon story a few weeks ago, few in the major media paid much attention to it. After all, how can you trust what all these paranoid liberal and left wing conspiracy theorists are blabbing about on the internet? Of course, many of the revelations first posted by bloggers have turned out to be true, whereas the official line handed down from the White House -- and more often than not uncritically reported in the major media -- has turned out to be false on critical issues such as WMDs in Iraq, Saddam's nuclear capabilities, the alleged social security crisis, what Bush knew before 9/11, Bush being wired in the debates, etc.

Gannon was "employed" by a bogus news agency called Talon News that apparently was created specifically for the purpose of getting Gannon into the White House.

Video Summary of Gannon-Gate News Coverage

In case you've been living under a rock recently, Jeff Gannon was a conservative "reporter" covering the White House for the last two years who had a reputation for asking soft ball and often falsely premised questions intended to embarass Democratic Party interests. Credentialed by the Bush White House, he had access to attend regular White House press briefings and also attended press conferences given by the president. Gannon was particularly transparent one day when he asked President Bush, "Mr. President, Senate Democratic leaders have painted a very bleak picture of the U.S. economy . . . Yet in the same breath they say that Social Security is rock solid . . . How are you going to work -- you've said you are going to reach out to these people -- how are you going to work with people who seem to have divorced themselves from reality?"

The Ultimate in Media Manipulation
So where's the story in all this? Well for starters, Jeff Gannon is not whom he says he is. His real name is James Guckert and he has no legitimate press background whatsoever. Gannon was "employed" by a bogus news agency called Talon News that apparently was created specifically for the purpose of getting Gannon into the White House. Before it became Talon News it was an known as GOPUSA, a partisan Republican front group located in Texas. In fact, it has just been revealed by examining video tapes of White House press conferences that when Gannon attended his first one, Talon News did not even exist.

Breaking News - Secret Service Records Suggest Gannon
May Have Been Tricking at the White House

At the request of two Democratic members of Congress under the Freedom of Information Act, the Secret Service has furnished detailed logs of Jeff Gannon's access to the White House.

As reported in Raw Story, the records paint a startling picture of a man who visited the White House at least 200 times and attended 155 of 196 White House press briefings. (Read the Secret Service Documents.)

Gannon, whose real name is Jim Guckert, has worked as a male prostitute and advertised his own escort services over the internet. More than two dozen of his visits to the White House were made when there were no scheduled press conferences or briefings. And, even more noteworthy is that fact that on 14 separate occasions Secret Service records indicate no arrival or departure time.

It is considered highly unusual for individuals to be admitted to the White House and not checked out. The Secret Service could offer no explanation for this, but it is hard to imagine that Gannon could have left without having signed himself out unless someone in a position of authority at the White House left with Gannon and waived off having to sign him out.

Of course, the missing log outs also raise serious security issues. One plausible possibility is that Gannon may have left in the company of a senior White House staff member or official, and did not want to be signed out at the same time as the individual he may have been accompanying. Given Gannon's history as a male escort and prostitute, it hardly takes a leap of faith to suspect that he may have been turning tricks at the White House.   

Gannon has also publically embraced the anti-gay policies of the Bush administration and ridiculed presidential candidate Senator John Kerry, remarking that "If Kerry was elected he would be the first gay president." Turns out that Gannon is again not what he appears to be, and once was, and may still be, working as a gay escort. Now before anyone screams "homophobia" or "unfair" for pointing this out, the relevance here is not that Gannon is gay or what he does for a living, but that Gannon has used his position as a conservative reporter and "family values" Republican to attack the gay community.

In attempting to defend his opportunistic exploitation of homophobia, Gannon raised the art of hypocrisy to new heights when he complained to one TV commentator that "I've made mistakes in my past . . . does my past mean I can't have a future? Does it disqualify me from being a journalist?" Whomever it was who said that claiming the right to privacy while viciously attacking an entire class of people was the last refuge of a scoundrel must have had Gannon in mind.

Gannon owned and operated a number of gay escort web sites catering to people with military tastes.

And as if things couldn't get any jucier, bloggers also discovered that Gannon, under his real name of Guckert, owned and operated a number of gay escort web sites catering to people with military tastes. Domain names that he owned include,,, and Gannon tried to claim that he was really a web master and had really registered these sites for someone else, but this too proved to be a lie when evidence surfaced that Gannon himself was a featured escort on one of the sites.

Who Loves You Baby?
In a related development, the White House denied rumors that President Bush has an infatuation (some would say "attraction") for athletic looking bald men. Gannon, who is muscular and bald, has apparently been photographed on several occasions having his head rubbed by the president. Sources also tell the Slime that the president has an extensive video taped collecton of episodes of the 1970s police drama Kojak, which starred Gannon look-alike Telly Savalas. Bush often greets guests by using the "Who loves you baby?" line that Savalas's Kojak character made famous.

Unconfirmed rumors have also been flying around the White House that political advisor and Bush guru Karl Rove may have been a regular patron of Gannon's escort services. One of Gannon's web sites, and the one in which his own personal services were advertised, catered specifically to politically connected clients in the Washington DC area. Rove was unavailable for comment.

The Josef Goebbels School of Journalism
On a more serious note, it's fashionable in conservative circles today to ridicule comparisons of the Bush Administration to Nazi Germany. But truth be told, our country has been steadily evolving into a condition of defacto state control over the major media in which mega-corporations and right wing moguls own most news outlets. The perceived interests of the various media barons has led the majority to side politically with a single political party, one that presently controls ALL branches of government.

As Hitler's chief propogandist, Josef Goebbels both manufactured and controlled all the new dispensed to the German masses, keeping them blissfully and in some cases willfully ignorant until Allied bombs began crashing down on German cities. In other words, until it was much, much too late. On the surface the Gannon affair may seem like small potatoes, but in reality it represents the tip of a titanic iceberg of mass deception that would be impossible to pulloff without the slavish cooperation of the corporate owned news media.

The president thinks you're stupid or you just don't care.

While Gannon was almost totally lacking in crediblity once he was exposed, there are hundreds of well-established reporters and journalists out there who can also be counted on to parrot the views of the White House. And not unexpectedly, the higher up you go in the food chain, the more the news begins to resemble press releases from Pravda.

The White House Thinks You're Stupid
There's one more element behind the White House's media strategy that we would be remiss if we left it out, and you're not going to like us for saying it: President Bush is banking on your apathy, political naivete, and willingness to believe any and every lie that flows from his lips no matter how ridiculous, and despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Yes, make no mistake about it, the president thinks you're stupid or you just don't care. Until more people start paying attention, this president will continue to lead our country down a path of financial ruin and endless wars without reason or purpose. Gannon is a wake up call. Is anyone listening?   



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