last updated on August 28, 2013

Obama versus Snowden

U.S. to Attack Syria?

What the U.S. government is saying, to translate the rather transparent lies, is "to hell with the U.N. findings, we are going to bomb them back into the stone age no matter what they find or do not find.".

New Shows On Truth TV

The new Winter and Spring shows on Truth TV should rot your brain, at least partially. Here's the line up . . .


Zimmerman's Acquittal:
What it Really Means

What does the acquittal of George Zimmerman really mean? That America is not willing to give up its guns and its ability to kill Black men with impunity if they so desire.

Oldies but Goodies:

Bush Named Al Qaeda
"Man of the Year"

The surprising announcement came today by Osama bin Laden himself during an "invitees only" press conference at an undisclosed location just outside of Karachi, Pakistan.

America's Top Ten
Most Evil Politicians

We certainly found it hard to do, with there being so many candidates, but we did our best. Come see who we came up with.

Tasteless Pictures Hall of Fame

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